Respect and concern for the environment is a constant in the history of Realonda

Being aware of the need to harmonize the development of productive activities, Realonda establishes a broad commitment to respect the environment and prevention of environmental impacts, firmly betting on the creation and development of strategies to prevent and control pollution of the production process.

Comply with all requirements requiested by our customers, including all those related to either legal or other, associated with the manufacturing processes & environmental issues.

Realonda is fully committed to the environment; promoting and encouraging good environmental practices and optimizing resources. In order to achieve such practices we provide training and resources to our employees to actively assist in this cause.

In our plant we make a significant segregation of the waste we produce. This way we are able to facilitate their management and treatment.

In Realonda, at the stage of enameling we recycle all the sludge and Aqueous suspensions, which all wastewater is recovered, achieving with this a Zero Waste as it recycles 100% of water waste.

Besides, Waste from the pressing and uncooked tile glazing process is reintroduced into the manufacturing process of ceramic atomized powder.

Moreover, waste after the cooking process is taken to other companies that entered into its production cycle as raw materials.

All waste generated in the company is delivered to management companies authorized to have a correct treatment.

Efficiency is a key environmental objective in Realonda.

In recent years we have invested heavily to reduce consumption of electricity and gas. These investments have provided a remarkable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and lower CO2 emissions.

One example is the use of heat from the chimneys of furnaces, which is channeled and used in the drying chambers or in different processes within the facility.

A small contribution to the fight against climate change

Realonda is committed to the emission trading scheme. Hence, it is devoted to reduce greenhouse gases.

One example is the use of heat from the chimneys of furnaces, which is channeled and used in the drying chambers or in different processes within the facility.

In Realonda we periodically perform controls in all our emission sources, hand in hand with accredited control institutions that certify that our sources comply with the limits set by the environmental legislation.

Moreover, we have continuous measurement systems in order to check the differential pressure, which control the functioning of the filters.

Realonda is mindful of diffuse dust emissions, which is why we do not collect clay or other dusty materials. Realonda focus on this in order to entirely avoid dust dispersal.

The corporation in its commitment to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our environment has invested all the economic and human resources available to foster the implementation of an Integrated Management System for Quality and Environment. Hence, Realonda keeps since 2012 the "Environmental Management Certificate" in accordance with the specifications of the international standard EN ISO 14001.